Double Exposure

Greetings my fellow bloggers. With school starting this week I have not had time to focus on my blog. I did manage to post on Monochromia today so I am sharing that post with all of you. I would love to hear your thoughts on the abstract work of double exposures that I did (inspired by a challenge).
Enjoy your day and I’ll be back soon!


Double Exposure Double Exposure

Double Exposure Double Exposure II

I saw a photography challenge on Facebook last week and set out to attempt it.  The challenge was to shoot double exposures.  I hope I am not boring you by posting flowers yet again…but, alas, my sunflowers are in full bloom and I chose them as my “challenge” subject matter.  So, tell me what you think, and tell me what you see!

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6 thoughts on “Double Exposure

  1. I never shot double exposure, I know I have the option on my cam but never tried it. Personnaly I do not like the final result of double exposure except in very rare case

  2. Having grown up in Kansas, I still claim sunflowers as some of my favorite flowers, Robyn. Your double exposure pictures–especially the almost mystical and magical first one–are superb. In the top picture I see the whimsical remnants of a fairy dance…the remaining wisps after they’ve flittered away.

  3. I like the effects here, Robyn, and I think I prefer the upper image (agreeing with Marylin) because the double exposure has produced a diffuse and diaphanous confusion of soft tones that is most attractive. The subject matter is far better defined in the lower shot, and so less effective I think. Adrian

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