More to Me


More to Me

More to Me

There is so much more

To me,

Than you can see.

At first glance,

You see my color –

All shades of wonder.

You assume

That all there is to know

Is what you see,

And that’s all I’ll be.

But once you get close,

You soon discover,

I am so much more

Than the layers of color.


There is a core,

That enables me

To stand tall,

And be more,

Than simply,

What you see.

copyright Robyn Graham

13 thoughts on “More to Me

  1. Robyn, we were enjoying an Art In Words display last week. The artists’ paintings and photography were accompanied by the artists’ own poetry done in calligraphy, then matted and framed. Your combination of “More to Me” poem and photography ranks up there (and surpasses) the best in the display. I hope the galleries and shops where your work is presented know what a talent you have and appreciated your outstanding work.

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