The Studio

Introducing my studio space…There is so much natural light I didn’t turn the lights on to photograph the space.  The images are straight out of camera,I didn’t edit them as I just wanted to share the space with you.




My dog, Daisy, goes to the studio with me every day.




The stairway to my second floor space.


The entrance is to the right.






26 thoughts on “The Studio

  1. What a wonderful, open, creative space, Robyn. And the first shot is a perfect combination of Daisy at the door and your reflection taking the picture.
    Great things will be happening here!

  2. Your studio is gorgeous Robyn, the natural light is beautiful! And your dog is adorable, so nice that she comes there with you. It reminds me of one of my photography teachers who had a very similar looking dog and he always brought her with him to the classroom. 🙂

  3. A beautifully designed space executed to perfection. The tones are very relaxing and you should have great success here!

  4. Impressive, Robyn, what a beautiful place to work, I envy you all that space and light! – and good to see selfies too! I love the shot of the stairway – hope your business is going well! Adrian

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