Unfading Love

Unfading Love

Unfading Love

The Coxcomb, in the Victorian Language of Flowers, represents unfading love.  I am wishing you all hearts full of peace and unfading love.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends and followers in the U.S.!  I for one have much to be thankful for!


8 thoughts on “Unfading Love

  1. My daughter’s house in Kansas has two big bushes of these wonderful, unusual blossoms. We love them, but until your post we didn’t know they were coxcomb, or that they represented unfading love. Thank you, Robyn, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

  2. Wishing you the joy of the season and hoping your Thanksgiving was full of love! The history of the Victorian Language of Flowers is fascinating, and your photo is lovely!

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