A Moment in Time…








In the garden.

wm RGP_4275_4968
wm RGP_4282_4975

wm RGP_4286_4979


wm RGP_4289_4982

“I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.” – David Hobson

8 thoughts on “A Moment in Time…

  1. One of my favorite touches is the natural capture of the little girl’s crooked part in her hair, Robyn. It’s truly one of those “moments in time” she and her family will look back on and smile. You captured rare details in these pictures, and Hobson’s quote, especially the “…mostly for the joy in seeing them grow” in a beautiful balance between appreciating plant and people.

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