“Perfect Love”

"Perfect Love"

“Perfect Love”

“A beautiful thing is never perfect.” – Unknown

In the Victorian Language of Flowers one of the meanings of the tulip is “Perfect Lover”.  We’ve all experienced beautiful love, but have you experienced a perfect love, or lover?  Can you define perfect love or describe the perfect lover?  You are thinking, aren’t you? 😉

I thought the quote above was a “perfect” accompaniment to the image – when in full bloom the Tulip was beautiful and appeared perfect.  But as the wholeness of the Tulip began to fade and it began to wilt, the perception of having “perfect” symmetry and grace disappeared.  However, as seen in the image above, the beauty remains.   To intertwine the image, the quote, and the meaning of the Tulip, one can think of the loves/lovers one has experienced and ponder the beauty of each and what made those loves/lovers perfect, or what caused them to lack perfection.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with beautiful and near perfect love!

41 thoughts on ““Perfect Love”

  1. The quote and the photograph remind me of Yasunari Kawabata. His work focuses on the transiency of beauty.That it is impossible to nail it down. As soon as you think you have it, it slips away.

  2. Love your image of the fading tulip….most interesting blurry effect, how did you achieve that? It’s not all depth of field is it? And your words made for an interesting read….

      • Oh, exactly! At the moment, I am looking for detail in my decaying flowers, but if I can get the right light and background I may try some more ‘arty’ effects! The slight problem may be the smallest aperture on a mirrorless….1.8 is not 1.8 equivalent on full frame, so I may not get the effects I want.

      • Enjoy working with your flowers, Sue! I look forward to seeing what you create! The wonderful thing about flowers is that you can capture their detail and have texture and beauty or you can use a shallow depth of field and create a soft dreamy effect…all depending on the light of course. Have fun my friend!

      • Oh, I have plenty of fun with those! But I am seriously frustrated trying to get some effects with off camera flash at the mo…not my thing!

      • Ah, this isn’t for my flowers…like you I prefer natural light. This is for an internal competition at my photo society, but I think I may duck out of this one!!

  3. You are so right, Robyn, and your photography reveals it beautifully. On my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary, a friend made this toast at their brunch: Young love is the hope…when you’re young and dewey-eyed and thrilling at the promises made. Rich, pure, tested and strong love is the joy…when you hold tight to each other’s hands and celebrate the promises kept.”

  4. Robyn, this quote, the photo, and the thoughts make the best combination.
    The Victorian Language of Flowers is a fascination to me and am glad you included that in this post, too

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