A Corner in the New York City Public Library

New York Public Library

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to wander around New York City with some amazing people: Leanne Cole, Stacy Fisher,  Robert Marsala, and Nicci Carrera.  One of our stops was the New York Public Library – wow!  If you have never been inside you need to add it to your bucket list.  The architecture is inspiring and the people watching…entertaining.   And if you are a lover of books…you’ll feel right at home.

SS 1/60 F 4.5 ISO 2500

Edits: Slight Curves Adjustment in Photoshop CC


28 thoughts on “A Corner in the New York City Public Library

  1. Perfect, Robyn. How did you ever capture the peace and beauty…and isolation? I took several pictures of this angle years ago, and each one had at least a shadow of someone going up or down the stairs. It was never empty!

  2. Part of the pleasure of going out with other photographers is to see the images that they capture…we were all in the same location, but each have brought back very different “visions” of what we found…which just add to the joy of creativity. Certainly was a great day in the city.

  3. I remember seeing you shooting this, Robyn. So wonderful to see the outcome. It’s wonderful! I really like that you can see the words “New York City Library” etched in the wall.

    Such an incredibly fun day. Thanks for making the trip in. You probably spent as much time driving back and forth as you did in the city 😉 But it was wonderful to meet you! Like the rest of our merry group, I’m looking forward to seeing what else you captured! I’ve yet to upload my images from my camera … and I’m off for another 5 days tomorrow … so it will be a bit of time before I can get to mine.

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