ss 0.8  f 22 ISO 160 – long exposure to capture motion

When I first began posting on my photography blog almost five years ago someone wrote to me and said “just make sure you keep it fun so you don’t get burnt out or lose the joy”. Such wise words. As I moved from being strictly a fine art photographer and taking on portraiture clients, headshot clients and visual branding clients life began to have overwhelming moments. Not only because of the photography, but because life is so busy with three kids, a dog, a husband who travels and just in general. At times I get a little lost, and feel I’m in the dark. In addition I sometimes feel my creativity is hiding amongst the chaos and I am grasping for an anchor to ground me in my work again. During these times I question if my work is fresh and stimulating, I struggle with implementing my project ideas and prioritizing, and just feel overwhelmed. These are times of self-doubt and questioning and I have to work hard to convince myself that my work is my art and if I like it, I should present it, not hide it ~ that someone will like it. I tend to look to closely at, and analyze too much, the number of social media likes instead of finding peace in the fact that I was moved by my creation and my clients like what I create for them. 
The above image summarizes, in part, how I feel about my photography. The ~ Color ~ edit correlates to feeling overjoyed and in awe at how I see the world and capture life one image at a time.  The ~Black and White ~ edit of this image is posted on Monochromia and represents when the phantom of failure strikes and I am intimidated and unsure of the direction I am or should be going, wandering aimlessly. All of these feelings occurring while the world is aflame with passion and excitement around me.

Which image speaks more to you and your life right now, at this moment ~ The color edit or the black and white edit?  Do you wander?

I can’t wait to read your thoughts.

25 thoughts on “Wander

  1. Great capture – just the right amount of motion blur. I find myself not getting it right all too often, and yes, I do wander! I like this colour image, it speaks of contentment to me. However, I like the monochrome too because you concentrate on the shapes, the structure.

  2. Depending on the day, the need, the mood, and the openness of my heart and mind, Robyn, I can definitely be drawn to the color edit. The black and white edit is powerful, too, but more precise and solemn for me, while the color is softer, lighter, more joyous.

  3. It depends upon the subject of photo. In this case, it works very well as a color and as a B&W. How’s that for commitment? 🙂

    My preference, B&W. It “understands” the motion and the passage of time.

  4. Your post struck me as how I feel most of the time about my work. I guess most creative people find themselves in the same place. For me, creativity is making something out of nothing. Creative people are much like Icarus. We fly close to the sun and then we crash. Then we have to relearn how to spread our wings. Scary stuff sometimes. Most of the time I feel I am walking through a dark tunnel. I know there’s light up ahead. Not sure when, but it’s there.

    I prefer the color. The three figures appear to be ghosts. One of a future self, one of a present self and one of a past self. All headed in the same direction.

  5. A lovely thoughtful post and a superb image. I like both the colour and the b&w, but the colour with the light and softness you have captured appeals more to me in this subject – the sea, the sand, that quiet sunrise and the ghostly figures. And yes, I wander.
    Jude (via Monochromia)

  6. I have to tell you I am completely hopeless when it comes to either, or, in the colour v B&W. When the light and composition are so good I tend to see two very different photos, both of which stand on their own. I adore the silvery green tones of the see and the sunset glow leading to the subjects and their lovely long shadows in the gorgeous glow. The B&W, I see the subjects straight away, alone together in that beautiful space. I certainly don’t see a phantom of failure in the B&W!

    Sometimes we try too hard to be all things to all people even when we know it’s never going to work . . . . then one day we wake up and say stuff it, this is what I’m going to do. So many best wishes to you Robyn!

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