Sunday, Happy Sunday!

Sunday, happy Sunday.  After a smoldering tournament in which Josh’s team played well and won the championship, we came home to relax by the pool when a thunderstorm came upon us.  Am I complaining, absolutely not.  The much needed rain was welcomed.  The storm has cleared, the clouds moving East, and our fun evening with friends can go on.  Here are a few photos to recap the day.

Josh looking to pass or shoot during our first game of the tournament Saturday.

Another shot of Josh with the ball. He had 4 goals and several assists in this game.

The team after their 4th win to give them the championship title.

Another team shop – another angle.

Ahhh, the rain!

A Dahlia with rain drops.

Yoga Anyone?

Meet Molly.  Molly asked me to do her head shots for the Solebury Club where she is a yoga instructor.  Of course I jumped at the chance to photograph a beautiful, kind and talented woman. Having models like Molly makes my job so easy, and fun!

Utkatasana in Silhouette

I recommend Molly and encourage anyone interested in learning yoga to look her up at The Solebury Club:

Ahhhh Football

Happy Super Bowl Sunday.  Football is such a significant part of our lives from August through January.  Not only do my boys play the game, but the TV is on without cease throughout the football season.  We are Bears’ Fans at heart, but since they lost in the last play off game, the crew here is rooting for the Steelers!  At half time it isn’t looking promising, but we won’t give up yet!  Enjoy the game, commercials and half-time show!


Football Black and White

For the Love of the Game

I love to capture emotions.  It is the best part of capturing life – to be able to tell a story through an image.  This young man loves lacrosse.  In his eyes, lacrosse is second to none.  The moments of youth do not last forever, but with images like this,  the love of the game  at the ripe old age of 11 never has to be forgotten.

The Love of the Game