A Weekend of Art


Inviting all of my local followers (and anyone who can travel) to stroll through Doylestown for the second Annual Doylestown Art Days.  Local shops and businesses will be adorned with work by local Bucks County artists from June 4th to 7th.  My photography will be hanging in Booktenders Secret Garden located at: 42 E State St, Rear Plaza, Doylestown, PA 18901.

When you stop in to see my work, be sure and have Ellen, the owner of Booktenders, help you with all of your summer reading lists – support local artists and business owners and check items off of your “to do” list all at once!


Doylestown Art Days and Shop Sixty Five

It is with excitement that I write my post this evening.  Doylestown, in the heart of Bucks County Pennsylvania is an extraordinary community with a heavy focus on the arts.  Many artists; painters, authors, photographers, musicians, sculptors, potters, and others, have lived, or presently live in or around Doylestown.  Several artists lead by Stephanie Lisle, owner of the Bucks County Project Gallery, recently joined forces with the local business alliance and created the event “Doylestown Art Days”.  From June 5th to 8th over 60 merchants are opening their doors and giving local artists the opportunity to display their work in a unique environment.  I feel very blessed to say that I was paired with “Shop Sixty Five“.  “Shop Sixty Five” is a unique and fabulous boutique in Doylestown.  To describe it as the height of fashion is an understatement.  The staff is always eager to serve customers and help them find exactly what they are looking for and what makes them feel and look great.

I am thrilled to be displaying 6 to 8 of my fine art pieces in “Shop Sixty Five” this week and even more delighted that I had the pleasure to photograph the beautiful ladies that work in the store.  They were so fun to work with, so photogenic, and so very gracious to let me spend hours in their store photographing.  You probably won’t hear from me the rest of the week as I am busy framing and matting the portraits (17 of them) to be displayed in addition to my fine art pieces.  Wish me luck and let me know what you think of the sample of images below!  I always love to hear from you!


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Thank You To All Who Served


Just as the flag is tattered and worn

So are many, for an oath was sworn,

To serve a country,

It’s men and women,

Who often forget

The strife

Called life

Of the brave men and women

Who selflessly serve,

Who sacrifice,

Who love,

And lose,

In more ways than one,

Until their job is done,

And freedom has been

Solidified and won,

Not only for themselves

But for you, and for me,

And all who dream.

copyright Robyn Graham

Tattered and Worn

Tattered and Worn


Art for History

The Gratz Gallery and Conservation Studio in the heart of Doylestown recently hosted an art show and award ceremony to commemorate the bi-centennial of Doylestown being the county seat.  I photographed the event for The Buck’s County Herald and felt so blessed to get to meet so many wonderful, and very talented people.  The owners of the Gallery are kind, knowledgeable and a pleasure to get to know.  For information about the Gratz Gallery and Conservation Studio visit: http://www.gratzgallery.com/.  To view additional images from the special event, or to learn more about the sponsors of the event, the winners and see their work, visit http://www.buckscountyherald.com/.  This link will take you to the Buck’s County Herald, a weekly newspaper reporting on the happenings in and around Buck’s County.

Paul and Harriet Gratz, owners of The Gratz Gallery and Conservation Studio

Attendees visiting and taking in the beautiful artwork.

The music.


Oh What a Day!

What a crazy, but wonderful day!  Joshua’s B1 lacrosse team won the league championship in a shut out game today!  He had a great game as did all of his teammates.  I was only able to witness three quarters of the game, but what I saw put them at a 10-0 lead and I knew I could leave knowing it was going to be a win.  The reason I had to leave early was to get Gracie to her dance recital.  She was fabulous – no stage fright in her!  She smiled the entire time on stage and just beamed with joy when Joshua gave her the bouquet of flowers at the end of the recital.  John and Sammy were able to watch Gracie dance, but then had to leave to make it to Sam’s lacrosse match.  He too had a great game and his team won 9-4 to end the season with a winning record.  From all of the fun, I went to a photo shoot just in time for it to storm…needless to say, we rescheduled!  Tonight’s images are of Gracie.   Even though the boys had big days too, this day was really suppose to be about Gracie and her recital so she gets the stage again tonight.  She loves when she’s featured on the blog!

The Costumes

My Baby Girl

Friends on Stage and Off

The Nervous Smile as She Waits Back Stage



More from the Weekend of Sax….

More images from a “Weekend of Saxophone”.  It was truly a pleasure to meet and spend time with all of these gentlemen who love music and graciously share their talents and gifts.

The Delaware Valley Saxophone Quartet with the Washington Saxophone Quartet

The Delaware Valley Saxophone Quartet


To learn more about the event “A Weekend of Sax” or the organizations the event raised money to help support please visit: http://www.weekendofsax.org/.

Washington Saxophone Quartet

The Washington Saxophone Quartet recently visited Doylestown for a “Weekend of Saxophone”.  I had the honor of attending and photographing three events at which they played beautiful, fun, inspiring music for various audiences.  This is ONE of my favorite images of the quartet taken Saturday evening at the Mercer Museum.  The quartet played in front of a crowd of approximately 80 people attending a fundraiser for two music programs in Buck’s County.  More images will follow later in the week.

To learn more about the Washington Saxophone Quartet please visit their website at: http://www.wsaxq.com/.

To learn more about the Mercer Museum, please visit: http://www.mercermuseum.org/.

To learn more about the “Weekend of Saxophone”, it’s sponsor, and the organizations benefiting from it, please visit: http://www.weekendofsax.org/.

The Washington Saxophone Quartet – A casual pose, relaxed and having fun in front of the camera after posing for MANY photos.

And in Color…..

A Birthday Wish

The Man

The Cake

The Birthday Kiss from Daddy's Little Girl

The Smiles

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband and best friend!


A friend told me a cute story today that I thought was perfect for sharing, especially since I had a photo to accompany it.  Once, years ago, when she lived in Switzerland, she took her infant son and toddler daughter for a walk down a country lane.  The infant was in the backpack infant carrier and the toddler was walking along holding her mother’s hand.  They stopped alongside a fence that had cows on the opposite side of it.  A rather large cow came to the fence and stared through it as though looking directly at the little girl.  The little girl’s eyes became huge and her face had a look of utter fear as though she was thinking “What is that beast, and is it going to hurt me?” Can’t you just see it?

For weeks after this experience, the little girl awoke in the middle of the night crying.  When my sweet, and very tired friend would go into her daughter’s room she would be pointing off some place in the room saying “mooo”.  The cow had frightened her so much that she was having bad dreams about it.  I’m sure most parents reading this tonight have had similar experiences with their own children at one time or another. I know I have.  This story reminded me of how frightened my second son was of Scooby Doo!

A Not So Frightening Cow

A glimpse inside……

My family and I, along with several friends, visited the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul today for the Rite of Election.  Tonight’s images are a glimpse inside the Cathedral.  It was very beautiful, very inspiring, and I feel blessed to have experienced the day.