Swirls of Color

Swirls of Color

Swirls of Color


Is full

Of challenges,

And surprises.

As they come your way,

Swirl them

Through your thoughts.

Embrace them,

Let them color your world,

And enjoy them.

copyright Robyn Graham

Don’t worry, I did not waste good wine to create this image.  The image was taken the same day I was playing with oil and water to create abstract photographs.  To learn about that technique and see colorful oil and water images click here.

Wonder of Light

Wonder of Light

Wonder of Light

I dream of days gone by

As warm, golden light gently kisses my hair.

I move, cautiously,

Along the rocky bed of the stream.

The crisp water sweetly caresses my skin

While I gaze through

Reflections of trees and clouds

Seeking a treasure similar to those

Found on warm summer afternoons

Of my youth.

At once my eyes come to a glistening stone.

I bend to grasp it.

It slips through my fingers.

The water swirls around my slender wrist as

 I reach for the smooth stone

 floating to its resting place.

I once again capture my prey.

I bring it up to the glow of the mid-day sun.

It shimmers as though it was

Inlaid with diamonds.

A smile cannot be contained

As the days hunt produces a

Treasure without measure.

copyright Robyn Graham

A Call Through the Mist

A Call Through the Mist

A Call Through the Mist

I call,


The Mist,




copyright Robyn Graham

1 Corinthians 7:15 …God has called us to live in peace.

“Itchy on the Fence”

Street Performers

Some depend on meager

Talents to get by, often

Rebuked, while

Everyone watches and

Everyone judges,

Thinking they’re soulless because they’re homeless.

copyright Robyn Graham

A couple of street entertainers in Portland, Oregon.

August, 2013

Itchy on the Fence

The inhale, literally a second after I asked if I could photograph him.

Itchy on the FenceThe exhale.

Itchy on the FenceFeeling great!

Itchy on the FencePerforming with his wife and fellow musician.

Itchy on the FenceThe wife creating music on a make-shift violin – a saw.

Itchy on the FenceFeeling the music.

Itchy on the FenceThe day’s wages.

Upon writing this post I do not know that the couple in the images is homeless.  However, while in Portland in August we did see a large number of homeless people, some of who were street performers.  The acrostic poem is dedicated to all those who, for whatever reason; choice, recklessness, drugs, alcohol, mental illness, etc. are homeless and trying to get by with the little money they make putting a smile on the face of a tourist or a local by using whatever hope and talent they have left.



Life is composed of lines.

The lines are often distinct,

Distinct lines are definitive

Definitive lines are easy to follow.

Following definitive lines leads to a direct path

A direct path means clear thoughts, no interference.

Distinct Lines of LifeDistinct Lines of Life

But life is never consistently direct.

If life were consistently direct there would be no times of turmoil,

No times of doubt,

No times of indecision.

Blurred Lines of IndecisionBlurred Lines of Indecision

Blurred lines come into play.

Blurred lines distract along the way.

It’s the approach to blurred lines that determines

Whether we coil,

Or stand strong and press on.

When the soul stays strong,

And faith is relied upon,

The lines merge,

And become one,

An eternity

Of love.

Indistinct Lines MergingIndistinct Lines Merging

Generations of lines;

Lines of




And embraces,

That pass strength from one to the next

And grow the bonds

That come back,

Back to the eternity of love.

Generations of Lines Becoming OneGenerations of Lines Becoming One

The eternity of love

Which is Christmas.

copyright Robyn Graham

Life as a WholeLife as a Whole

Christmas Cactus Series – 2013 (My Heart Burns with Love)

Burning Love

My Heart Burns with Love

The burning,

The yearning,

My heart is full of love for you.

You’ll never know the depth,

It cannot be seen.

Actions may at times lead you to believe you know,


Life’s ebb and flow cause you to blink,

And in that instance your mind questions

My devotion to our link.

My love, like art,

Is timeless,

And priceless.

It will forever be.

As the touch of a feather

Lingers on your skin,

So too, will my love endure

A gentle breeze,

A cajoling force,

The unthinkable.

Oh the burning,

The yearning,

My heart is full of love for you.

copyright Robyn Graham

Note:  In the Victorian language of flowers cactus flowers represent “endurance” and “my heart burns for you”.  The poem above was written with the aforementioned meanings in mind. Notice the red heart in the center of the bottom petal….I love the little miracles of nature!

The Tree

Oh the stories I could tell

If you had the time to dwell

Underneath my branches as they sway

And create shade on a warm day.

The loves that sat in the very spot

You choose today to stand and plot,

You could be listening to my stories

That warn of worries unnecessary.

I’ve seen it all

From love, lust, and great falls.

My bark impressed with countless tales

Of hearts and names and even wedding vows.

The hearts that broke

When someone spoke

Unkind thoughts

That were not provoked.

The laughter, joy, and fun

While children did run

And play childhood games

 While shouting each other’s names.

The smiles and tears

The hugs and the shrugs

The pain and the gain

The love from above.

I’ve given to all

What they needed in time

But I’ve taken

All that was mine.

The things that I’ve witnessed

Gave me sight to be seen

For without all the experiences underneath me

I would not be green.

I’ve been nourished

Through them all

For even a tree

Has hopes and desires

To enjoy what’s free.

copyright Robyn Graham

The Tree

The Tree

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Joyous Friendship

A yellow rose

To signify

True friendship

Of joyous


Sure as

Light shines

Upon the petals

Glory is



A friendship

 Built on

Solid ground.

It is 

Not worth

A pound,

If not

Gowned in

Trust and

Love that

Are proclaimed


So my



Joyous bound,

Let’s stick


As the

World goes


Some days

We feel as if

Life is full

of downs,


Our friendship

Will abound,

Through faith

In each



Cannot be


copyright Robyn Graham

Joyous FriendshipJoyous Friendship



Thank You To All Who Served


Just as the flag is tattered and worn

So are many, for an oath was sworn,

To serve a country,

It’s men and women,

Who often forget

The strife

Called life

Of the brave men and women

Who selflessly serve,

Who sacrifice,

Who love,

And lose,

In more ways than one,

Until their job is done,

And freedom has been

Solidified and won,

Not only for themselves

But for you, and for me,

And all who dream.

copyright Robyn Graham

Tattered and Worn

Tattered and Worn


Pressure is On


It is dark in the world at times

Life drags and there are no rhymes

Isn’t this my prime?



Pressure is on.

I struggle through on days

Where it seems all are angry

And Gray.



Pressure is on.

People argue

Someone’s to blame

Life can seem so lame.



Pressure is on.

Someone smiles

From across the hall

I no longer feel like crawling up in a ball.



Take pressures away.

An “A”

I am on my way

To success for another day.


High fives

Take pressures away.

I no longer feel life is taking a dive.

I see the light

I am going to thrive.



Take pressures away.

The light at the end of the tunnel

Sends me beams of hope

Life is not a funnel*.



Take pressures away.

I’m not spiraling down

I am pushing through

Without a frown.



Take pressures away.

I jump

Life gives way

I begin to enjoy the day.



Take pressures away.

I jump,


I’m over the hump,

I smile,


Copyright Robyn Graham

 *funnel: a smokestack, esp. of a steamship. – Random House Dictionary

Pressure is ON

Pressure is On – A Silhouette

Jump in Silhouette

Jump I  – A Silhouette – Take Pressures Away

Jump in Silhouette II

Jump II – A Silhouette – I Smile Awhile