Today’s Visitor

We are accustomed to wild animals running through our yard; rabbits, grown deer, fox, and even on a couple of occasions black bear cubs.   But today’s visitor was a surprise, and something we hadn’t seen up close before.  We are not sure where her/his mama was, but the state game commission assured me she was near by and would be back soon as long as the area appeared safe and predator free – probably at night fall.   I love when nature just falls into our laps to grace us with it’s presence.

The first encounter outside the fence.

After resting outside of the fence for several hours he/she climbed through the fence, cut through the back yard, out the other side of the fence into the neighbors yard, and then a little later back into the fence. After dinner we found her in the recently dug landscape bed that has not yet been mulched.

A close up of the pretty little face. She/he had beautiful markings. We could tell he/she was frightened because he/she kept moving his/her nose up and down and the ears back. You can see the changes in the expression from the image above to this image.