Dignity of Light

I love light.  That is why I love photography.  I look for it everywhere and when I see it I have to capture it.  Today’s images are the perfect example.  As we were eating dinner on the porch the other evening I noticed the light on the Dahlias.  I had to capture it.  The title of the post is based on the fact that in the Victorian language of flowers Dahlia’s represent, or mean, dignity.  I think after seeing the images you’ll agree, that indeed, the light is demonstrating dignity.  Enjoy!

Dignity in Light I


Dignity of Light I

Dignity of Light II

Dignity of Light II

Dignity of Light IV

Dignity of Light III

Dignity of Light VI

Dignity of Light IV


Dahlia’s at Dinner

As the kids and I were eating dinner on the porch this evening I noticed the gorgeous light hitting the yellow Dahlias in the pot next to the table.  I couldn’t keep such beauty to myself, so of course, I ran to get my camera.  I hope you enjoy the Dahlias as much as I have this evening.

With so much side lighting exposure was a little tricky, but I love the accent of the slightly overexposed petals and the deeper yellow/orange in the center.

Same exposure challenge here, but different flower. It works, still beautiful.

Standing at attention…yet the petals look so soft and delicate.

And of course I cannot present you with flowers without offering one in black and white. I love the vibrancy and energy of flowers in color, but I find there is also something very timeless in black and white flowers. In my opinion, black and white flowers have a unique way of moving the inner being.