Mystery of Love

mystery of love

mystery of love

mystery of love in black and white

mystery of love in black and white

“Love leads us into mystery where no one can say what comes next, or how, or why.”
– Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
The pink rose, depending on the color being dark or light, represents thankfulness, grace and joy in the Victorian Language of Flowers.  In words, the quote above does not correlate directly to the meaning of the pink rose, however, in my heart, I am thankful for the love I’ve experienced and the mystery of what it will bring in the future.
How about you?  Are you thankful for the love you’ve experienced? Do you find yourself wondering about the how and why and what might happen next?
With love, and all emotions, we as humans tend to rush into the future wondering and hoping for the next phase or the next event.  Instead of being mindful of the present moment and savoring the joy of it, we overwhelm ourselves with anticipation and perhaps fear.  This fact can often lead to shortcomings in relationships, a loss of joy, much anxiety, and overall hopelessness instead of the peace of love and an abundance of smiles.
It’s imperative to stop, cherish the moment, be mindful of the love in our lives, and just let life be.  This is not a simple task, but with patience and perseverance, we can all accomplish mindfulness and experience the joy of true love.
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2013 Tulip Series – 12

The 2013 Tulip Series comes to a close, for now, with the 12th post in the series.

A Declaration of Love , the Vintage Way

It may be the old-fashioned way,

I declare the words that

I must say.

It may be the dated way,

I declare the words that

I need to say.

It may be the best kind of way,

To declare the words that

I long to say.

Someday, however,

Continued interest will sway

Your appreciation of my

Vintage declaration,

I love you.

 copyright Robyn Graham

The Old-Fashioned Way

The Old-Fashioned Way

The Dated Way

The Dated Way

The Best Way

The Best Kind of Way

The poem above is written using phrases used for defining the word vintage and the meaning of Tulip in the Victorian language of flowers which is, Declaration of Love.  The images, although of the same Tulip, are unique in terms of composition.  Note the compositional elements: leading lines, curves, rule of thirds,  as well as the depth of field used in each image.

2013 Tulip Series – 05

 “You cannot tailor-make the events that happen to you in life but you can tailor-make your response to them.”

– Zig Ziglar

Declare to HandleDeclare to Tailor-Make your Responses