Easter Egg Fun

Happy Easter!

I hope you have all had a joyous day celebrating Easter – the holiday, the gift of grace that it affords us through Christ’s resurection, and family.  We’ve had the joy of having family visiting and creating memories with the kids.  Yeah for grandparents!

Several years ago I found this recipe for decorating Easter eggs in a “Family Fun” magazine.  For creative and fun family activities check out:  http://familyfun.go.com/.  For an easy, relatively mess-free Easter egg decorating activity see below.

Ingredients Needed: white vinegar, food coloring, quantity of hard boiled eggs you wish to color.

Have Grandma rinse the eggs with vinegar. Note: We do this activity in the kitchen sink to avoid mess/stains.

Have the kids take turns dribbling the food coloring onto eggs - you can use lines, drops, dots, patterns, or whatever design you wish to create. Just keep in mind the color spreads.

After applying the food coloring onto the eggs rinse them in cold water. Watch the colors fade to pretty Easter pastels. For more vibrant colors, leave the food coloring on the eggs for a longer amount of time. We usually rinse them soon after applying the food coloring, but every now and then, we leave the color on longer and have more vibrant colored eggs.

To dry - rest the eggs on the egg cartons.

Display the colorful eggs in Grandma's antique dish and use them for your Easter centerpiece or an "any place" decoration.