In light of the impending election, I thought it appropriate to do a patriotic post.  I love my country and the freedoms it offers and sincerely hope that my fellow countrymen will honor our right, privilege, and obligation to vote, and get to the polls tomorrow.


Freedom is not Free.

Love of country and sacrifice are what it takes to

Achieve the

Golden dream we hope never disappears.

copyright Robyn Graham

The Flag Waving in the Breeze at the Romney Rally Sunday Evening in Yardley, PA

In Honor of Those Who Have Served

Thank you to all of the men and women who have served this country and fought for our freedom.  The freedom so often taken for granted.

John, the kids and I attended the Memorial Day parade this morning.  It is such a fabulous event every year and the sense of community is almost overwhelming.  We were moved by the number of veterans who participated in the parade, and the response from the crowd.   The applause, the smiles, and the looks between veterans marching and those in the crowd were so moving.  Below is one of my favorite shots of the day.  I love the lighting on the flag in the background.  The truck in the foreground, was one of several vehicles transporting veterans in the parade.