Time is bereaved,

Rage surges,

Anguish and sorrow swell in the hearts of some, while

Gratitude permeates the very being of those who were delivered.

Emotions, intertwined, ebb and flow,

Yielding never.

copyright Robyn Graham

Tragedy struck yet again.  Tonight’s post is in honor of the families in Newtown, CT who lost a child or loved one today in the horrific shooting event that occurred at an elementary school.  I cannot fathom the emotions that must be going through the hearts and minds of the victims’ families. My heart breaks for them.  They will ever be in my thoughts and prayers.  Please join me in hoping and praying that all people nearing the point of extreme emotional or mental instability obtain the help needed to prevent such devastating tragedies in the future.

Prayers Raised through the  Smoke of the Flame

Prayers Raised through the Smoke of the Flame