A Walk Down The Haunted Hall

I recently took advantage of an opportunity to photograph at the Eastern State Penitentiary when the former prison was opened for evening hours specifically for photographers.  Some photographers brought their studio with them;  lighting, models, etc.  Others, like me brought only tripods and cameras and just photographed the old, dilapidated building.  I did however, happen to be in the right place at the right time and captured the reflection of a model walking down the hallway to meet her photographer.  I loved the combination of the old with the modern.  She was wearing blue and white with red stilettos and caring a red handbag.  As you will see in future posts about this shoot, the red did not compliment colors on the walls and thus I chose to present it in black and white.

A Walk Down the Haunted HallA Walk Down the Haunted Hall

The Mystery of Self

This image was taken in a small New York City Restaurant.  One wall of the restaurant was covered with a vintage mirror.

Self portrait in vintage mirror.  The quality of the mirror (scratches, bows, etc.) distorts the image and makes it have a mysterious, almost supernatural feel.




A Sign to Catch the Eye

Driving along the road the other day this sign caught my attention.  It made my husband and I laugh to think of Abraham Lincoln’s face above a sign that holds this message.  The message in and of itself was humorous…a throwback for sure with the waterbed.  Do they still make them?