Black and White Thursday

Please visit Monochromia to see my Black and White Thursday image.  I think you’ll enjoy it, especially if you appreciate a shallow depth of field.  Be sure to let me know your thoughts and I promise to get a new blog post up here soon…I’ve been busy editing family portrait sessions and time has been limited – a good thing…really!

Black and White Thursday ~

And you know what means!  I posted on Monochromia today and it’s a guessing game!  Link over and take a look! What do you think?


Black and White Thursday ~ Door of Perception

It’s Thursday….that means you’ll find me on Monochromia.  I posted an image I took in Savannah, Georgia in August.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Clerk at VooDoo…


Be sure to check out my Thursday post on Monochromia.



Pure Mystery

To see the mystery…visit Monochromia for my Thursday post.  I hope you enjoy!


Trouble Man

To see more and learn about “Trouble Man” be sure to visit my Thursday morning post on Monochromia.

The Lone Cypress…

As seen on: Monochromia today.

Please check out my black and white photography posted every Thursday on Monochromia!

Love Declared…

“I felt that I admired you, but…

To see more visit my Thursday Post on Monochromia.


Monochromia Monopoly

This week is Monochromania Week on Monochromia, the black and white photography blog I contribute to every Thursday.  Please be sure to check out my post for today as well as the other posts.  They are all so creative and fun!  When viewing my image of the Monopoly game, note that the properties are named after the main contributors and inspiring photographers of Monochromia.



Monochromia today…

I would like to invite all my followers to visit Monochromia today to see my most recent post.  I post to Monochromia, a black and white photography blog, every Thursday.  For those of you who enjoy black and white photography I encourage you to follow Monochromia. I think you will find the blog inspiring and will not be disappointed.