2013 Tulip Series – 01

“If I had my life to live over again, I would ask that not a thing be changed, but that my eyes be opened wider.” – Jules Renard

Rising Up

Rising Up to Brighter Days




Rising Up in Black and White

Rising Up to Brighter Days in Black and White

(Black and white flowers may not demonstrate the cheer and hope that colorful flowers do,  but, I loved this image in black and white.  Many, many years ago, black and white would have been the only option to present this image and I believe it would have had the same meaning – Rising Up.)

As today is the first day of Spring I feel myself rising up out of the winter doldrums.   The days are getting longer, the sun, when it shines, is shining brighter.  I am longing for warmer days and more sunshine.  As the tulip in the image is rising up toward the sunlight, my spirits are rising in hope that soon, warmer, brighter days will be here to stay for a while.  Let’s all open our eyes wide so that the senses will be reawaken in the days to come – with birds chirping, flowers blooming, grass growing, and children laughing.


Sunday, Happy Sunday

Another super Sunday worth writing about.  Sam’s lacrosse team played their final two games for the summer season today.  Let’s just say that it would have been better to end the season yesterday with the three wins that put us in the number 1 seed versus ending on the two game loss record of today.  But, overall it was a decent season and Sam had fun.  He played well and is improving on his footwork so we can’t complain – just have to figure out ways to motivate him to keep working hard and improving his speed.

The weather couldn’t have been better, not too hot, and absolutely perfect when the sun hid behind the clouds.  After spending the day at the fields, we came home to relax by the pool and enjoy dinner on the porch.  With all of that said, I am posting images from a couple of Sam’s games, an image of one of our purple petunias  noticed at dinner, and an image of Gracie after she accidentally picked a petunia when we were deadheading the plant.

Please note that I don’t love Josh any less than Grace and Sam.  He simply isn’t home from camp yet.  He’s off having a fabulous time with friends and playing the game he loves best.

Enjoy and have a terrific week!

Going for the shot.

The pass.

My little man.

Catching a pass. Notice the ball in the air.

A petunia in the evening sun.

Dancing in the sunset.













He’s 5

A few photos from a recent shoot I had with a little guy who turned 5.  He was so fun to work with.  So inquisitive and curious about the world around him.  Love that age!