What a gorgeous day for a day dream – oh that’s right, I was running – the old song was just going through my mind. 😉

As I was running I couldn’t help but notice the numerous, gorgeous, pink blossoms on plum trees around the neighborhood.  The thought of going home to capture the beauty of them thrilled me.  I was eager, but it was a busy day and I decided to wait until sunset to be able to use my favorite light to capture the purity and essence of the glorious flowers.  The images below are the results of my wait.  I hope you like them as much as I do.  Can’t you just feel the softness?  I absolutely love the plum blossoms and the look of the petals, almost as though they are soft, fluffy clouds dipped in pink. Enjoy the variations in lighting too.  The sunset was often behind clouds this evening.  You will be able to tell the images in which the sun was strong.  The blossoms in the light are so warm and bright with the blossoms out of the sun’s reach being underexposed.  Made for great contrast within the images.