Ice Drops Turned Rain Drops

The temperature dropped,

The fog took leave.

The rain began then turned to ice,

Leaving us to welcome the day

While rows of ice drops on branches did lay.

Each droplet sparkling as though the sun were there,

With a ray of hope

That although the weather was damp and gray

The light was there to guide the way.

Then once again the air did warm, the ice took leave

and fog rolled in to takes it’s hold on the hour of dusk.

So now we must,

Turn in for night and hope,

That clouds will unleash not rain or ice,

But flakes of white

To blanket the earth

And brighten each life.

copyright Robyn Graham

The Colors of an Icy Morning

The Colors of an Icy Morning – Ice Drops Melting While Rain Drops Fall

Ice Clusters and Rain Drops

Ice Clusters Melting on Weeds while Rain Drops Come Down