Weeping Sunflower


Tears Fall

Tears Fall

I try to stand to tall

But it happens not at all.

The tears begin to fall

I cover my eyes

The shame swells up inside.

As it overflows

My heart knows,

I’ve failed him,

I’ve failed them.

Through the angst,

The anxiety

Influenced always by society

To be an appearance of notoriety.

The loathing of self

Leads to impropriety.

For instead of the love that’s there for him,

For them,

The words and actions

Appear to condemn.

Causing pain

When I mean to encourage,

I just can’t explain

Why my thoughts can’t abstain

From making their way into

Words of disdain.

If I understood me,

If I could define me,

Would it be possible to be free?

Would they begin to believe

That my love does exist?

Or is it too late?

Has my opportunity to love been missed

Because of words resembling hate?

No, they would say,

It is never too late,

For we love you

And will never hesitate

To take you in,

To hold  you close,

For we will always love you most.

copyright Robyn Graham

Weeping SunflowerWeeping Sunflower

1 Corinthians 13:4-7: Love is patient, love is kind….It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 

I chose two different backgrounds (one dark and one light) and two different editing styles for this post, edits were both custom edits in Topaz Labs.  I am absolutely in love with Topaz Labs Black and White Suite.  I would love to know which image you like best, and which you feel best accompanies the poem.  I wonder if your thoughts are the same as mine.