Wonder of Light

Wonder of Light

Wonder of Light

I dream of days gone by

As warm, golden light gently kisses my hair.

I move, cautiously,

Along the rocky bed of the stream.

The crisp water sweetly caresses my skin

While I gaze through

Reflections of trees and clouds

Seeking a treasure similar to those

Found on warm summer afternoons

Of my youth.

At once my eyes come to a glistening stone.

I bend to grasp it.

It slips through my fingers.

The water swirls around my slender wrist as

 I reach for the smooth stone

 floating to its resting place.

I once again capture my prey.

I bring it up to the glow of the mid-day sun.

It shimmers as though it was

Inlaid with diamonds.

A smile cannot be contained

As the days hunt produces a

Treasure without measure.

copyright Robyn Graham

A Call Through the Mist

A Call Through the Mist

A Call Through the Mist

I call,


The Mist,




copyright Robyn Graham

1 Corinthians 7:15 …God has called us to live in peace.

2013 Tulip Series – 12

The 2013 Tulip Series comes to a close, for now, with the 12th post in the series.

A Declaration of Love , the Vintage Way

It may be the old-fashioned way,

I declare the words that

I must say.

It may be the dated way,

I declare the words that

I need to say.

It may be the best kind of way,

To declare the words that

I long to say.

Someday, however,

Continued interest will sway

Your appreciation of my

Vintage declaration,

I love you.

 copyright Robyn Graham

The Old-Fashioned Way

The Old-Fashioned Way

The Dated Way

The Dated Way

The Best Way

The Best Kind of Way

The poem above is written using phrases used for defining the word vintage and the meaning of Tulip in the Victorian language of flowers which is, Declaration of Love.  The images, although of the same Tulip, are unique in terms of composition.  Note the compositional elements: leading lines, curves, rule of thirds,  as well as the depth of field used in each image.

Think of Me

When the days are long,

Think of me.

When things go wrong,

Think of me.

There will be days you don’t feel strong,

Think of me.

When those days arrive, breakout in song,

And think of me.

You’ll have woes to carry along,

And you may not feel like you belong,

Just think of me.

Sometimes relationships are not lifelong,

Some are, just think of me.

And when you think of me,

Feel the harmony,

Of nature, healing, and just, letting be.

copyright Robyn Graham

Think of Me

Think of Me

Think of Me in Harmony

In Harmony

Green represents nature, healing, and harmony.  The white clover flower means “Think of Me” in the Victorian Language of Flowers. The “me” in the poem is representative of my faith, I always have someone to think of to get me through a long day.

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.” – Psalm 34:4

The Other Side

The other side

I dare not go,

Things may hide

Perhaps a foe.

Many things,

That foe could be,

Perhaps a ghost

Beyond the tree.

But likely not a foe is he

Just memories that tend to drift

Outside our borders,

Unwanted rifts.

Fears these memories awaken

May cause hesitation

But there is no mistaken

 Faith can give affirmation

That our souls are not forsaken.

copyright Robyn Graham

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Cottage

It takes not long
to find the way
to the place where we belong.
The ivy grows as if to hide
the secrets still alive,
where emotions too, abide.
The scarlet shutters still
the breeze that blows beyond,
inspiring those within to will
the whispers of the heart to be a life-long bond.
copyright Robyn Graham
The Cottage

The Cottage

Fly and Be Free

Spread your wings

and Fly

and Be Free

to See

Be Free

to Be

Copyright Robyn Graham

Laughing Gull

Laughing Gull in Flight