A Perfect Love

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A Perfect Love ~ A Poem

“A perfect love

Comprises of

Intuitive emotions,


Warm sensuality,

Playful joy,



Inner peace,

All through faith

In another.”

~ Copyright Robyn Graham ~

“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.”

~Tom Robbins

Happy Valentine’s Day

A Mother’s Perfect Love – A Tulip and a Poem

A Mother's Perfect Love

A mother’s perfect love,

Forever giving,

Infinitely strong,

Her purpose for living,

Being willing to forgive any wrong.

Her beautiful eyes,


Filled with joy,

Delight at the sight

Of her girl or her boy.

A mother’s beautiful love

Always there with open arms,

Encouraging to soar above,

Protecting from harm.

Is there any love more perfect?

Is there any love more beautiful?

Than the love of a mother who never neglects,

But is always there to tell us we’re wonderful.

 Copyright Robyn Graham

A couple of the meanings of the tulip are beautiful eyes and perfect lover.  I chose these two representations of the tulip for Mother’s Day and wrote the above poem to accompany the image of the tulip.  Being a mother is the most challenging yet the most rewarding role a woman can ever have.   I hope my words and image honor all mothers, near and far.

The Beast

Watch, don’t turn your back,

Never let your senses slack,

When into the woods

You journey.

For it is there,

That wild beasts lay idle,

And hide,

Until dusk draws near.

Then, just as the sun’s glow

Begins to fade,

The beasts awaken,

No longer hiding from the day’s trespassers.

They pounce,

And if you are not prepared,

Your heart may skip a beat, and

With a fleeting moment of fear,

You’ll run, then disappear. 

copyright Robyn Graham

The Beast

To Mystery Land


To Mystery Land

To Mystery Land

SS 1/60 f5.6 ISO 500

To Mystery Land

by Kate Greenaway

“Oh, dear, how will it end?

Peggy and Susie how naughty

you are.

You little know where you are,

Going so far, and so high,

Nearly up to the sky.

Perhaps it’s a Giant who

lives there,

And perhaps it’s a lovely


But you very well know

You’ve no business to go;

You’ll get yourselves into a mess.

Oh, dear, I’m sure it is true;

Whatever on earth can it matter

to you?

For you know it –oh, fie —

that it’s naughty to pry

Into other’s affairs —

Into other folks houses to go,

Where you  know

You’re not asked.

So you’d better come back

While there’s time, it is plain.

Go home–and be never

So naughty again. “

I love antique books, I love poetry, I love flowers, and I especially love photography.  Here you have four of my (many) favorite things rolled into one.

To create a vintage feel to the image of Calla Lilies resting on the antique book, “Marigold Garden” by Kate Greenaway, I added a layer of haze in Photoshop CS5.


Swirls of Color

Swirls of Color

Swirls of Color


Is full

Of challenges,

And surprises.

As they come your way,

Swirl them

Through your thoughts.

Embrace them,

Let them color your world,

And enjoy them.

copyright Robyn Graham

Don’t worry, I did not waste good wine to create this image.  The image was taken the same day I was playing with oil and water to create abstract photographs.  To learn about that technique and see colorful oil and water images click here.

A Call Through the Mist

A Call Through the Mist

A Call Through the Mist

I call,


The Mist,




copyright Robyn Graham

1 Corinthians 7:15 …God has called us to live in peace.

Weeping Sunflower


Tears Fall

Tears Fall

I try to stand to tall

But it happens not at all.

The tears begin to fall

I cover my eyes

The shame swells up inside.

As it overflows

My heart knows,

I’ve failed him,

I’ve failed them.

Through the angst,

The anxiety

Influenced always by society

To be an appearance of notoriety.

The loathing of self

Leads to impropriety.

For instead of the love that’s there for him,

For them,

The words and actions

Appear to condemn.

Causing pain

When I mean to encourage,

I just can’t explain

Why my thoughts can’t abstain

From making their way into

Words of disdain.

If I understood me,

If I could define me,

Would it be possible to be free?

Would they begin to believe

That my love does exist?

Or is it too late?

Has my opportunity to love been missed

Because of words resembling hate?

No, they would say,

It is never too late,

For we love you

And will never hesitate

To take you in,

To hold  you close,

For we will always love you most.

copyright Robyn Graham

Weeping SunflowerWeeping Sunflower

1 Corinthians 13:4-7: Love is patient, love is kind….It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 

I chose two different backgrounds (one dark and one light) and two different editing styles for this post, edits were both custom edits in Topaz Labs.  I am absolutely in love with Topaz Labs Black and White Suite.  I would love to know which image you like best, and which you feel best accompanies the poem.  I wonder if your thoughts are the same as mine.