Think of Me

When the days are long,

Think of me.

When things go wrong,

Think of me.

There will be days you don’t feel strong,

Think of me.

When those days arrive, breakout in song,

And think of me.

You’ll have woes to carry along,

And you may not feel like you belong,

Just think of me.

Sometimes relationships are not lifelong,

Some are, just think of me.

And when you think of me,

Feel the harmony,

Of nature, healing, and just, letting be.

copyright Robyn Graham

Think of Me

Think of Me

Think of Me in Harmony

In Harmony

Green represents nature, healing, and harmony.  The white clover flower means “Think of Me” in the Victorian Language of Flowers. The “me” in the poem is representative of my faith, I always have someone to think of to get me through a long day.

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.” – Psalm 34:4

Growth and Hope

The curve amongst the rhythm rests

until it’s time for growth.

Upon that moment,

it takes an oath,

To fill the earth with joy and hope.

copyright Robyn Graham

Growth and Hope - Green Series







Heaven we




All-knowing of


copyright Robyn Graham



Ethereal in Black and White

Ethereal in Black and White

Would love to hear from you which you prefer and find to be  most ethereal – Ethereal, or Ethereal in black and white.

2013 Lily Series – 11


The charm of desire,

The happiness of pleasure,

The enthusiasm of fascination,

The determination of passion,

The stimulation of encouragement,

All of which fashion attraction

And foster the inclination to take action. 

copyright Robyn Graham



The poem for “Fascination” is written with words that either the color orange, or the orange lily represent.

With this post I conclude the 2013 Lily Series….but only until new blooms ensue.

I hope you have enjoyed the different perspectives of the lily presented in this series, and that you have found them inspiring.

Blessings to all.


Through the Glass of Old

You look

Through the window of old

To find

Beauty unfold.

You listen

But the story is yet untold

Of how the beauty

Was preserved as gold.

You touch

The glass so cold

That hides the stories

Of the ancient and bold.

You smell

The musty hold

Of days gone by

And memories that can’t be sold.

copyright Robyn Graham

Through the Glass of Old

Through the Glass of Old

The Other Side

The other side

I dare not go,

Things may hide

Perhaps a foe.

Many things,

That foe could be,

Perhaps a ghost

Beyond the tree.

But likely not a foe is he

Just memories that tend to drift

Outside our borders,

Unwanted rifts.

Fears these memories awaken

May cause hesitation

But there is no mistaken

 Faith can give affirmation

That our souls are not forsaken.

copyright Robyn Graham

The Other Side

The Other Side

An Afternoon Visitor

She watches cautiously,

She waits in hesitation,

Or is it curiosity that

Stills her beating heart

And keeps her frozen in time?

Until at last, the object of her attention quiets,

And retreats.  Only then,

Does she gracefully steal away.

copyright Robyn Graham
She Watches Cautiously

She Watches Cautiously

She Waits in Hesitation

She Waits in Hesitation

She Gracefully Steals Away

She Gracefully Steals Away

The Cottage

It takes not long
to find the way
to the place where we belong.
The ivy grows as if to hide
the secrets still alive,
where emotions too, abide.
The scarlet shutters still
the breeze that blows beyond,
inspiring those within to will
the whispers of the heart to be a life-long bond.
copyright Robyn Graham
The Cottage

The Cottage


A canopy of leaves,

What might it achieve?

Shelter from the sun’s harsh rays,

A cool breeze on warm autumn days,

A colorful screen through which to view the sky

As you lie beneath and quietly wonder why.

copyright Robyn Graham

Colorful Canopy

A Smaller Canopy – Rule of Thirds

Golden Canopy

Canopy in Contrast










copyright Robyn Graham