Doylestown Art Days and Shop Sixty Five

It is with excitement that I write my post this evening.  Doylestown, in the heart of Bucks County Pennsylvania is an extraordinary community with a heavy focus on the arts.  Many artists; painters, authors, photographers, musicians, sculptors, potters, and others, have lived, or presently live in or around Doylestown.  Several artists lead by Stephanie Lisle, owner of the Bucks County Project Gallery, recently joined forces with the local business alliance and created the event “Doylestown Art Days”.  From June 5th to 8th over 60 merchants are opening their doors and giving local artists the opportunity to display their work in a unique environment.  I feel very blessed to say that I was paired with “Shop Sixty Five“.  “Shop Sixty Five” is a unique and fabulous boutique in Doylestown.  To describe it as the height of fashion is an understatement.  The staff is always eager to serve customers and help them find exactly what they are looking for and what makes them feel and look great.

I am thrilled to be displaying 6 to 8 of my fine art pieces in “Shop Sixty Five” this week and even more delighted that I had the pleasure to photograph the beautiful ladies that work in the store.  They were so fun to work with, so photogenic, and so very gracious to let me spend hours in their store photographing.  You probably won’t hear from me the rest of the week as I am busy framing and matting the portraits (17 of them) to be displayed in addition to my fine art pieces.  Wish me luck and let me know what you think of the sample of images below!  I always love to hear from you!


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Shoes for the Fight

This is my mom, Kathy.  We did a photo session when she visited in September.  What does she have to do with shoes?  Read on.

The Artist

The Artist

Who took the opportunity to give smiles when the opportunity knocked.

Who took the opportunity to give smiles….

Mom retired in May of 2012 and has been actively volunteering and spending time with her three daughters and 9 grandchildren.  She is doing anything but being idle and is helping so many people in so many ways.  Her retirement is far from the dreams she had of  her and my father spending these years traveling and enjoying life together.  Despite his absence as a result of loosing his battle to cancer almost 8 years ago, she is taking the best out of her time and using her gifts to spread love and joy.  Her latest endeavor, the one I am writing about today, is painting sneakers for children with cancer. She is working as a volunteer for Peaches Neet Feet, an organization that strives to put smiles on the faces of children undergoing cancer treatment.  Converse ( donates sneakers to Peaches Neet Feet who then sends the shoes to artists such as my mother to paint according to a child’s specifications.  To learn more about Peaches Neet Feet and their incredible program visit their website at:

Or their Facebook page at:

These are the shoes Mom painted this week for a little boy named Miles.  He likes the San Francisco Giants. What joy he will have when he sees these custom painted shoes that he can wear into battle, to fight the fight of all fights – cancer.

Sneakers for the Fight

Mom sent the three images of the sneakers to me today.  I did a little editing to them, but they are her images, not mine.

Mom sent the three images of the sneakers to me today. I did a little editing to them, but they are her images.