“Perfect Love”

"Perfect Love"

“Perfect Love”

“A beautiful thing is never perfect.” – Unknown

In the Victorian Language of Flowers one of the meanings of the tulip is “Perfect Lover”.  We’ve all experienced beautiful love, but have you experienced a perfect love, or lover?  Can you define perfect love or describe the perfect lover?  You are thinking, aren’t you? 😉

I thought the quote above was a “perfect” accompaniment to the image – when in full bloom the Tulip was beautiful and appeared perfect.  But as the wholeness of the Tulip began to fade and it began to wilt, the perception of having “perfect” symmetry and grace disappeared.  However, as seen in the image above, the beauty remains.   To intertwine the image, the quote, and the meaning of the Tulip, one can think of the loves/lovers one has experienced and ponder the beauty of each and what made those loves/lovers perfect, or what caused them to lack perfection.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with beautiful and near perfect love!

2013 Tulip Series – 02

I declare,

The love we share,

Is more than fair.

Some may not be aware,

Of the bond we share,

Not to be broken with time and wear.

Our love is not a snare,

But two lives that care.

Sometimes we stop and stare,

And wonder how life does dare,

To claim a stake on our un-paling air.

For when we sit within the same chair,

Because there is no spare,

You gently touch my hair.

And at that moment, I dare swear,

We are a pair,

Whose love does not compare,

To those who live without a flare.

copyright Robyn Graham

I DeclareI Declare

Beauty of Line

“Art and picture making with a camera are fundamentally the same, requiring such essential qualities as good taste, beauty of line, and perfect juxtaposition of tone, together with atmosphere that stirs the emotion.. ..With vision and imagination in the mind of the operator, the most exquisite results can be obtained with detail that no other medium can record with such precision.” – Gilbert Adams

Beauty of Line

Beauty of Line