The Handbag

In some respects, shoes and purses define the female gender.  Do we as women not love the look and feel of a new handbag – the organization, the feel and smell of new leather, the fashion statement?  All of it!  And shoes!  Oh my word.  We have to have them.  After all, “no shirts, no SHOES, no service”!

Don’t ask me how or why, but the other night when I was winding down from another crazy day, this poem popped into my head.  Why something more important and life changing couldn’t have come to me I’m not sure….but here it is.  Not exactly a literary wonder, but fun all the same.


Some old, some new,

Some worn, some blue.

No, not blue, but pink, red, brown,

and is that a shoe too?

I had to act on this crazy mental nudge and photographed a mess of handbags that happen to belong to yours truly.  Those of you who knew me in former days know that this mess would never have been found in my closet prior to child #3!

One in every color? Just about! A few are missing!