Exhilarated Beauty

“When I work, and in my art, I hold hands with God” – Robert Mapplethorpe

Exhilarated BeautyExhilarated Beauty

“Exhilarated beauty” is the image I chose today because I have just come off of an exhilarating experience with my first solo exhibit.  There is actually one day left, the gallery is open from 10 to 6 tomorrow, but the artist reception was Friday and I volunteered at the gallery several hours over the weekend.  I am excited to be able to report that I have sold several pieces and have met some incredible people, talented artists, and received wonderful compliments and words of encouragement.  It has been a great pleasure to share my gift with others!  I chose the quote in continuance of the calla lily/Robert Mapplethorpe series and because I truly believe my photography is a gift from God…his miraculous works are all around us and he is using my camera, lenses, and me to capture them and share them with the world in a unique way.

I must add that this series, as with almost all of my floral images, has been done using only natural light and my camera settings, with the only edits being black and white conversion.

Trio of Modest Beauty

“I am selfish, but that’s an attribute that all artists possess.” – Robert Mapplethorpe

Trio of Modest Beauty

Trio of Modest Beauty

I selected the above quote because the image reminds me of three young girls in a tiff.  The one in front, standing with her arms crossed is the selfish girl.  The other two have turned their backs to her in disgust at her unwillingness to compromise.