Nature’s Tears…

…Glistening in the sunlight.

Nature's Tears

ss 1/800 f 7.1 ISO 200

Nikon D810, Nikkor 105mm 2.8

This photo was taken Monday morning after the rain clouds cleared.  The sun was warm and gorgeous, can you feel it?  To see a more high-key photograph of this subject, a yellow daisy, visit Monochromia.  Which do you like better?

Ice Drops Turned Rain Drops

The temperature dropped,

The fog took leave.

The rain began then turned to ice,

Leaving us to welcome the day

While rows of ice drops on branches did lay.

Each droplet sparkling as though the sun were there,

With a ray of hope

That although the weather was damp and gray

The light was there to guide the way.

Then once again the air did warm, the ice took leave

and fog rolled in to takes it’s hold on the hour of dusk.

So now we must,

Turn in for night and hope,

That clouds will unleash not rain or ice,

But flakes of white

To blanket the earth

And brighten each life.

copyright Robyn Graham

The Colors of an Icy Morning

The Colors of an Icy Morning – Ice Drops Melting While Rain Drops Fall

Ice Clusters and Rain Drops

Ice Clusters Melting on Weeds while Rain Drops Come Down

The Petals Fall

“The tender words we spoke to one another

Are stored in the secret heart of heaven

and one day, like rain,

they will fall and spread

And our mystery will grow green

all over the earth.”


The poem above reminds me of fall, the season that is presently upon us.  I have been shooting a lot over the past several days.  Capturing the change of seasons and the fresh surroundings that accompany it.  Notice the fall colors in the image below.  I photographed my roses a lot over the past week fearing that their season was coming to an end.  This particular image, to me, resonates Fall.  The early morning sun low in the sky gives off the warm, golden tones of the changing season.  The colors of the leaves, although only slightly deeper than during the warmer months, are similar to the colors found on certain trees in the Fall.  And the rain drops dance with the breeze to enhance the falling of the petals. The spider web.  I don’t take a step outside, this time of year, without seeing one.  The spiders are flourishing in the cooler weather.

Do you feel the correlation to, and see the symbolism of, the poem in the image?

“…Like rain, they will fall and spread…” – Rumi

Sunday, Happy Sunday!

Sunday, happy Sunday.  After a smoldering tournament in which Josh’s team played well and won the championship, we came home to relax by the pool when a thunderstorm came upon us.  Am I complaining, absolutely not.  The much needed rain was welcomed.  The storm has cleared, the clouds moving East, and our fun evening with friends can go on.  Here are a few photos to recap the day.

Josh looking to pass or shoot during our first game of the tournament Saturday.

Another shot of Josh with the ball. He had 4 goals and several assists in this game.

The team after their 4th win to give them the championship title.

Another team shop – another angle.

Ahhh, the rain!

A Dahlia with rain drops.

“What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step.” – C.S. Lewis

Rain Drops on Tulips – Day 3

Rain Drops on Tulips – Day 2

Rain Drops in a Sea of Green

“I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.”   – Ruth Stout

Rain Drops in A Sea of Green