If ungrateful…

“Lately I’ve begun to notice that the more I give thanks, the better my life goes.  When I become ungrateful, things tend to fall apart.” – A Coworker

The Barn Falling Apart

A Big Event

My oldest son experienced a big event yesterday.  I thought I would post before and after photos for our “far-away” family and friends to see.  He is not thrilled with the discomfort and is struggling a bit to eat and play his horn, but other than that he’s doing great with the addition of metal in his mouth.

I, as his mother, am just thankful that we have the means to improve his mouth structure and appearance, and that he isn’t in a lot of pain.  Our orthodontist, Dr. Benjamin Cassalia (http://www.drcassalia.com/), is fabulous!  We are thankful for his excellence in orthodontia and his, and his staffs’, fabulous caring attitude toward their patients.


And After