Ice and Objects Within It

Scenes captured from the last winter storm, while another is upon us.

The Shedding

The Shedding

Frigidity - A Hydrangea Encapsulated in Ice

Frigidity – A Hydrangea Encapsulated in Ice

Warmth of Light, Cold of Ice

Warmth of Light, Cold of Ice

Copper in Ice

Copper in Ice

Frigidity - A Hydrangea Encapsulated in Ice

Frigidity II – A Hydrangea Encapsulated in Ice





Still Winter

If you are like me, you are tiring of all of the winter images of snow, ice, and cold drab days…despite those feelings, however, I still love the beauty of snow.   I love the fact that when it snows the winter world seems brighter and full of hope.  Sunlight is a necessity of happiness to many and the snow helps brighten our world when the days seem long and dark.

We had a little over 13 inches of snow yesterday!  My children were out all day and of course had the times of their lives.   Snow aids to winter creativity.  The opportunities in snow are endless and if there is something to do in snow, kids will find it and enjoy it.  My boys spent most of the day with friends but my daughter had fun with my husband and I here at home.  Here are just a few images of our time outside.

Sparseness of WinterSparseness of Winter

The One and Only PoseThen One and Only Pose

All FunAll Fun Catching Snowflakes on the Tongue…And Eyelids

Colors of WinterColors of Winter

Ice Drops Turned Rain Drops

The temperature dropped,

The fog took leave.

The rain began then turned to ice,

Leaving us to welcome the day

While rows of ice drops on branches did lay.

Each droplet sparkling as though the sun were there,

With a ray of hope

That although the weather was damp and gray

The light was there to guide the way.

Then once again the air did warm, the ice took leave

and fog rolled in to takes it’s hold on the hour of dusk.

So now we must,

Turn in for night and hope,

That clouds will unleash not rain or ice,

But flakes of white

To blanket the earth

And brighten each life.

copyright Robyn Graham

The Colors of an Icy Morning

The Colors of an Icy Morning – Ice Drops Melting While Rain Drops Fall

Ice Clusters and Rain Drops

Ice Clusters Melting on Weeds while Rain Drops Come Down

A Winter Lost

Winter didn’t seem like winter this year.  My family and I love snow.  We love mountains, and we love to ski.  This winter, however, there was no snow to speak of in our area of the Country.  We managed to catch some powder out West, but we missed winter locally.   No worries, however, I’m not complaining.  I may have missed winter, but at the same time, the 50 degree weather was fabulous and not having to bundle up or wear snow boots on a daily basis was kind of nice too.  Now that Spring is officially here, I think it is safe to say winter was lost this year.

Tonight’s image is from our recent trip to Steamboat, Colorado.  You can see the warmth of the sun, yet see the reflection of the snow capped mountains.  The former welcomes Spring, the later is a memory to hold onto until next year.

Spring in Winter