Light Painting – An Inspiration

Light Painting

grilled pepper and onion

grilled pepper and onion

SS 1/60, f3.2, ISO 400

This image was inspired by Herald Ross.  I encourage you to visit Herald’s website/blog.  His work is very inspiring and beautiful.  Herald is a light painter and creates magnificent photographs by using a special technique with light diffusers that he makes and sells.  I, unfortunately have not had the opportunity to attend one of Herald’s workshops, but have had the privilege of seeing some of his students’ work on his blog.  I was so inspired by Herald’s work and the work of his students that I purchased one of the flashlights Herald recommended in a recent blog post, in addition to the diffuser kit that Herald makes and sells on Etsy.

The photograph above was created using my new tools.  The subjects in the image are from my husbands lunch that was so beautifully presented and fabulously delicious at Quinoa.

Below are two additional photographs – flowers of course – that I took a couple of weeks ago using the light painting tools mentioned above.  I still have much work to do to master this technique, but I will be enjoying every minute of it.

Charming Light

Charming Light

SS 1/50, f 3.0, ISO 640

Painted Lily

Painted Lily

SS 1/50, f3.3, ISO 640

35 thoughts on “Light Painting – An Inspiration

    • Thank you so very much Jared! I truly appreciate you visiting my blog and taking time to comment! You are so right…practice, practice, practice! That is the only way we can get better! I just visited your website. Oh my goodness! Your work is amazing! Such an inspiration! I look forward to seeing more! Best, Robyn

    • It’s using the light Laurie! I tell my workshop students to see it, bathe in it, dream about it, love it, and use it! It is such an amazing thing to capture! Have a great week! Robyn

  1. Your results with Charming Light are a delight to behold. I followed your link to Harold Ross’s site and it slowed my browser down to less than a crawl. I had to reboot and will try again as time allows. His work and ideas are well worth looking into at greater depth. Thanks for the introduction!

  2. Love these, robyn! Especially the top one and the Charming Light. I must presume that you were using a tripod. I like the romantic mood created using this technique, something I have thought about doing as well. I also suspect, as with everything else, that the type of light the torch emits will affect the end result, eg warm, cold and so on. I look forward to seeing more.

    • Thanks so very much Janina! Absolutely, the quality of light is based on the light source, how close it is to the subject, and so on. Great fun to experiment with. Enjoy the day!

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