The Art…

…of an Artichoke


The Art of Artichokes



The Art of Artichokes



The Art of Artichokes

The Art of Artichokes


The Art of Artichokes


“She made artichokes want to dance.” – Marylin Warner

My dear friend Marylin Warner commented on this post  shortly after writing an interesting post herself on epitaphs.  The quote above is what she said about my work.  Am I blessed to have her as a friend, or what?!


28 thoughts on “The Art…

  1. Really beautiful shots of such an interesting vegetable… The color shots really are great, as they show a great texture and the lighting/DOF are wonderful.

    • Thanks so much Mike! I truly appreciate your generous compliment! I am trying to decide which image I want to print, matte and frame first! All my best, Robyn

    • Ok my dear friend, Marylin, you made my day! Another morning coffee with you, this time through the comment section! I loved the epitaph so much I added it to my post! You are a gem! Much love, Robyn

  2. Beautiful images, Robyn! They are all good, but for me the last one stands out above the rest for three reasons.

    First, because of the single, superbly lit and in focus artichoke standing out in front of the two, more sombrely lit and less focused ones behind – this is an excellent arrangement of “the three objects you have to play with”.

    Then second, the beautiful, reddish substrate, which passes back from the image’s foreground up into the image’s background (where it is more lightly lit), without any discernible discontinuity or join.

    And last, the beautiful reflection of the in focus artichoke in this reddish substrate. Good stuff! Adrian

    • Adrian, Thank you so very much for the thoughtful compliment. I so enjoyed reading your comments and reasons why the last image is your favorite. I truly appreciate your feedback. Have a terrific week!

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