Pointe Shoe Series – I

 Pointe Shoe Series I

Pointe Shoe Series I

36 thoughts on “Pointe Shoe Series – I

    • Thank you Don! The miracle of light and the gift of creativity – is all I can say! I’d love to hear your story about this image…before the performance, or after? Enjoy the evening!

      • The shoe had no more to give. The dancer had taken her through so much. Three days of rehearsals and then the evening’s performance. She had served the prima ballerina for Swan Lake with everything she had. The kicks and turns, the jumps would have taken down a shoe half her age. During the performance, the thought had gone through her that she should have retired before this performance. But, being the artist she was, the shoe just would not give in to the aches and pains. Finally the performance was over. She had given her best. She had given her all. She had no more to give.

    • Thanks so much! Oh how I wish they were my shoes, Shane! But alas, I am not a dancer…I was an athlete. My daughter, however, is a dancer and I enjoy watching her. The shoes actually belong to my niece, who is a beautiful dancer and has high aspirations in the field of dance!

  1. Oh I love this shot! It is just beautiful! And a series…Oh goodie! MORE. 🙂 We love ballet in this household. We even have season tix, so keep the pics a-comin’!

  2. Oh, Robyn, when I was six, four other little girls and I took beginning ballet from a lady who’d just moved to town from Kansas City was, I think, very bored. She gave up long before we ever actually got into toe shoes (five little girls in her garage on hot summer days with fans blowing louder than the music on the record player?–I’m surprised she lasted as long as she did.)
    I love this picture. It’s what I might have had!

    • Such a sweet story, Marylin! There are so many “what might have hads”, aren’t there? My first, and only dance teacher was very “old”, with a tight gray bun on top of head. She carried around a big walking stick and pounded it on the floor when she wasn’t satisfied. She terrified me and after learning “I’m a little tea cup” I retired! But, oh how I wish I could dance and get great pleasure out of watching my daughter! XO

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