Unrequited Love I

Unrequited Love I

“Unrequited love has Winter for Spring ~

Spring presents herself, but Winter does not want to take leave.

He delivers an unwelcome snow that covers the blooms Spring has brought forth.

The blooms pout as the weight of the snow bears down on them

and prevents them from sharing their glory.”

copyright Robyn Graham

In the “History and Language of Flowers”, one of the meanings of the daffodil is unrequited love.  The above poem was inspired by this meaning of the Daffodil.

To see another black and white photograph of a Daffodil covered with snow visit Monochromia for my Thursday post.

12 thoughts on “Unrequited Love I

  1. In the Gold Country of California located in Volcano is a place called Daffodil Hill. Privately owned, the farm opens for about 4 weeks when daffodils bloom and closes when it rains. This year viewing was cut short due to rain. I guess we certainly need rain.

  2. Wonderful, Robyn!
    We had a sudden blizzard blow in yesterday, closing all the major and minor roads. This morning snow was everywhere, but this afternoon it was already beginning to melt, and crocus, hyacinths, and daffodils were struggling to break free.

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