“Itchy on the Fence”

Street Performers

Some depend on meager

Talents to get by, often

Rebuked, while

Everyone watches and

Everyone judges,

Thinking they’re soulless because they’re homeless.

copyright Robyn Graham

A couple of street entertainers in Portland, Oregon.

August, 2013

Itchy on the Fence

The inhale, literally a second after I asked if I could photograph him.

Itchy on the FenceThe exhale.

Itchy on the FenceFeeling great!

Itchy on the FencePerforming with his wife and fellow musician.

Itchy on the FenceThe wife creating music on a make-shift violin – a saw.

Itchy on the FenceFeeling the music.

Itchy on the FenceThe day’s wages.

Upon writing this post I do not know that the couple in the images is homeless.  However, while in Portland in August we did see a large number of homeless people, some of who were street performers.  The acrostic poem is dedicated to all those who, for whatever reason; choice, recklessness, drugs, alcohol, mental illness, etc. are homeless and trying to get by with the little money they make putting a smile on the face of a tourist or a local by using whatever hope and talent they have left.

25 thoughts on ““Itchy on the Fence”

  1. I love this. Always been a fan of B/W photography and these images portray SO much more than just a picture. The Acrostic is fantastic as well. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed to admit this or not, but I did not know what an acrostic poem was. What I did know was that I was very much drawn to the poem and the photos as well.

  3. “Thinking their soul less because they’re homeless” is so powerful, Robyn, so poignant and real. The photographs are a perfect illustration but also a lovely, effective accent.

  4. Hello Robyn, I am Itchy on the fence. We found this wonderful depiction of us on google! Thankyou so much for it. Just wanted to let you know that we are homeless by choice and choose to live in order to inspire people instead of material gain. Not only is that all we have left, but it is everything to us. Thankyou so much for the beautiful photos. Hope that sheds more light on the subject.

    • Nino, I am so thrilled that you found my blog post and liked the photographs. You touched my heart by reaching out and commenting on the post. I would never have dreamt it would find you. You are indeed an inspiration to those of us who are so dependent on the luxuries of material things in our every day lives. I’d love to connect further, and perhaps, do a story on you and any others you know living the homeless life by choice. It honestly fascinates me and I truly find it inspiring. Do you have an email address? If you’d like any of the photographs I’d be happy to email them to you. Thank you and blessings to you. Robyn

    • Just saw the video Severin! Thanks for stopping by. I left you a note on your Vimeo page! Awesome! Do you have a way of getting in touch with Wolfy and Nicole? I’d love to do a story on them. Have a great day!

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